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About Helen Whistberry

My chihuahua

My chihuahua

I am an unlikely, later-in-life author and illustrator. I enjoy writing books that celebrate everyday people and places. In particular, I like to explore the amazing strength and self-reliance that so-called ordinary women can display when they find themselves challenged by extraordinary circumstances. My illustrations often celebrate the elaborate and astounding patterns and textures found in nature.

When not writing or drawing, I enjoy nature, my own and others' companion animals, and both whimsy and irony in almost equal measure. Given the current state of the world, I feel we could use more of the former and less of the latter and aim to provide through my work a sense that hope, sincerity, and compassion are still possible in our anxious and hectic times.

I have recently started a new mystery series set in the 1950s with a wise guy reporter who meets his match in the woman of his dreams and encounters more than a few adventures with a paranormal twist along the way.

Visit my author page on for links to all my books and the Etsy store my sister and I operate here to view some of my artwork.  Thank you for your support!