I currently have two series of books available through amazon.com. All novels are available as Kindle ebooks as well as in a paperback edition.

The Malhaven Mysteries

A new mystery series (with a touch of the paranormal) that is set in mid-America in the 1950s. Jim Malhaven is a goodhearted but down on his luck wise guy reporter at a small-time newspaper. He often gets more than he bargains for when his editor shoots him some unusual assignments. The Malhaven Mysteries are meant to be lighthearted and somewhat comical while still acknowledging the realities of the period and place it is set in. Some violence that is on the milder side compared to most modern day thrillers and no harsh language.


Small Towns, Real Women

Six contemporary novels exploring the theme of strong, independent women living in small towns and experiencing life-changing challenges and unexpected second chances.

Books are available as individual ebooks or in paperback editions. Kindle Unlimited readers can read the ebooks for free. Boxed set of all six novels also available in Kindle version only.