Perfectly Precious Pets


Those who follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram have been treated (subjected?) to lots of photos of our new kittens. A buff and a gray, domestic short hair, brothers, and infinitely sweet and spicy at the same time.

Here’s a rare photo of all three of the pets in close proximity. The chihuahua isn’t real thrilled with the new additions, especially when they insist on trying to involve him in their playtime, but I think he was too exhausted when I took this picture to care that they were curling up near by!

Pets can be a comfort and a heartache. They bring us joy but we know they are destined to leave our lives one day. I try to enjoy special moments with them every day and the pleasure and love they bring into our lives!

While I am writing today, they are all curled up asleep again, so patient until I have time to play with them. So many writers have pets, and I think it’s because writing can be a very lonely and solitary task. To have a small companion keeping you company while you do it is a wonderful feeling.